The Buzon story
The creation of the Buzon® pedestal

Since its creation in 1987 by Claude Buzon, BUZON® pedestals have constantly evolved to satisfy the needs of professionals and to give terrace designers the greatest possible freedom in the creation of their projects.

Development of the height-adjustableP-Series pedestal (32-600mm). This high-performance pedestal already supports loads of more than 800 kg per unit and different types of materials: stone/concrete tiles, timber tiles/boards, etc.

Development of the DPH-series pedestal with slope corrector (winner of the Silver Medal in the Prix de Innovation awards in Paris) This invention confirms BUZON s leadership position in Europe.

Development of the new DPH5 screwjack pedestal for the petrochemical sector: oil/gas platforms, etc.

Development of the third-generation BC-series pedestal with multi-angle head.

Establishing corporation and settle the Buzon authorized distributor in Thailand.

Celebration of 30th years of sustainable and successful of Buzon around the world.

Launching U-Series (Universal Series) accessories for usage with DPH, PB, BC Series. Created ease of use and more cost effective.

Introduce PB-Series for expanding the raise floor applications.

Launch New U-BRS for more faster and more easier application.